School greenhouse having positive impact

Teacher Katie Wilson with oneof the more unusual greenhouse plants, a Venus flytrap.
By Julia Nore
The greenhouse, located and constructed at Boone Central High School, has had a major impact on the students, the school, and now, the community.
Through observation and hands-on learning experience, students get the opportunity to grow a variety of different plants, in their own time and in their own way.
“There’s things you learn in here that are different than if I tell you in the classroom,” stated Katie Wilson, teacher and supervisor of the greenhouse. The history dates back to 2017; a decision to build a Greenhouse was made during the construction process of updating the high school.
One of the many parts of Wilson’s position as a science teacher was involving and managing the greenhouse. Miss Wilson and Abby Hitchler, agriculture education teacher, are the main supervisors and teachers in the greenhouse, both instructing the plant science and ag classes at Boone Central High School.
Read the complete story in the May 26 Albion News/Boone County Tribune, print and e-editions.
ONP PLANTINGS — Taking part in the plantings at Olson Nature Preserve were, l.-r., Garrett Rasmussen, Macy Rankin, Zane Nieman, ag teacher Abby Hitchler, Addy Donelson and Karlie Wies.