Bank stabilization work underway at Olson Nature Preserve

Work underway at Olson Nature Preserve during the past week will control erosion that has threatened the foot bridge crossing Beaver Creek.
The work is now being completed by Bygland Dirt Contracting, Inc. The preserve is managed by Prairie Plains Research Institute (PPRI).
Bygland crews began work on Monday, May 24, moving rock to the west bank of the creek to control erosion that has occurred under the bridge that connects the east and west sides of ONP.
The March 2019 storm and flooding created the need to get permission from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to protect the bridge from damage by further erosion, and that permission was received.
The west bank will be armored with a riprap revetment measuring about 10 feet high by 200 feet long. In addition, two 10 x 32-foot jetties are being constructed along the west bank with fill dirt and rock riprap.
See video here: https://youtu.be/xcP009FTdH4