Memorial Day: Remembering past sacrifices can bring country together

Paul Hosford addresses the Memorial Day crowd Monday.
America today is deeply divided on many issues.
However, we must find ways to deal with our differences by peaceful means, or “horrific things can happen,” said Paul Hosford, Albion’s Memorial Day speaker on Monday, May 31, at the Boone County Courthouse.
“Violence must not be the solution,” said Hosford. “Our shared dedication to America is more important than our differences.”
At the beginning of his address, he called forward Staff Sgt. Tana Dozler and her three children. Referring to the children, he said: “Everything we do is to make the world better for them.” He also saluted all parents who serve in the military.
Hosford referred back to the Civil War, which was the last time the American union was in danger of coming apart. Civil War casualties and wounds were horrific.
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Albion Scout leaders present roses during the Memorial Day ceremony.