Newman Grove

NG 50-year class gathers to celebrate

Newman Grove class of 1971.
Newman Grove High School’s class of 1971 met on Saturday, May 29, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their graduation from Newman Grove High School.
The class met at the home of Keith and Pam King on Saturday afternoon.
Those attending the 50-year class reunion were Judy Forre Querry of Ralston, Larry Konz of Schuyler, Diane Kopecky Hurt of Omaha, Larry Nathan of Humphrey, Marcia Nelsen of Elkhorn, Cindy Nelson Swanson of Lincoln, Tom Nelson of Columbus, Darla Olson Westmore of Ogallala, Bruce Staub of Tilden, Chris Williams Adamson of Osmond, Janice Boettcher Kleveland, Carol Franzen Hallgren, John Johnson, Ardell Kyncl, Jeanie Lundquist Sawyer, Lois Rankin Sawyer, and Pam Schroeter King, all of Newman Grove.