Teachers, staff prepared in advance for Middle School move

Boone Central Middle School interior work continues.
Boone Central Middle School, located in Petersburg since 2001, will become part of the Boone Central campus in Albion after construction is completed this summer.
Construction has been well underway this spring and early summer in hopes of full completion and move-in before students arrive in the fall.
With the building work ongoing, a move-in date has not yet been set. However, the builder, WA Klinger Construction of Sioux City, remains optimistic. While workers are assembling, the teachers and staff are also transitioning from one location to another.
The building is being formulated through phases; when one phase is completed, another one will be started, and certain teachers and staff can begin to move forward inside. This, in turn, will help the process move smoother and allow the staff to move in sooner. 
Items are in storage and color coded with green, yellow and red tags so movers know which items will move and which ones will stay.
Complete feature by Julia Nore in the June 16 Albion News/Boone County Tribune, print and e-editions.