Commissioners settle on cost of living raise

Boone County Commissioners settled on a cost of living wage raise Monday so county officials can plan their department budgets for the coming year.
Commissioners scheduled an increase of 38 cents per hour for most employees, noting that there will also be a 3.25 percent increase in the county’s fully paid Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance plan. The wage raise is the same as last year.
Elected officials are limited by resolution to a 58 cents per hour salary increase each year for four years. Deputies are tied to a percentage of the elected officials’ salaries, and their increases can vary from 38 to 49 cents per hour, according to County Clerk Sarah Robinson.
The action on wages followed nearly two hours of discussion with elected officials and department heads that covered various changes to the employee handbook, the upcoming 2021-22 budget outlook, and salaries.
Complete story in the June 30 Albion News/Boone County Tribune, print and e-editions.