St. Edward

Parishioners say ‘goodbye’ to Pastor Vern and Cindy Olson

Parishioners and friends from the St. Edward, Cedar Rapids and Belgrade United Methodist Churches, and the Fullerton Community Church were on hand to say “thank you and farewell” to Pastor Vern Olson and his wife, Cindy, at their retirement event last Sunday, June 27.
After a service at the St. Edward Church, a farewell dinner was held as the first event in the new St. Edward Community Center.
In the photo above, Pastor Vern and Cindy were presented with a special parting gift from Margaret Shoemaker of Cedar Rapids. This picture was taken at an Easter Sunrise Service for the Cedar Rapids and Belgrade churches. Pastor Vern has officiated the Sunrise Service there for the past 14 years. Photo courtesy of Virginia Whidden.