Innis speaks here against initial health education standards

Matt Innis
Opposition is growing against an initial proposal for new health education standards in Nebraska, according to Matt Innis of Lincoln, who spoke against the proposals at a June 30 meeting in the Cardinal Inn conference room in Albion.
Innis said his efforts at speaking engagements are aimed at arming Nebraskans with the truth about the initial standards, to protect both the state’s children and the fundamental rights of parents to determine what is best for their own children.
Over 120 people attended the presentation.
“Where did the standards come from and who’s pushing them?” Innis asked. He said political activists are behind the proposed standards dealing with sexuality, and they come from a set of national sex education standards that were announced in 2020.
He said the initially-proposed standards, now being rewritten by the Nebraska Department of Education (NDE), are part of a political “social change” agenda that many Nebraska parents oppose.
Complete story in the July 7 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune.