Petersburg Press

Village Board discusses infrastructure

The annexation of the new Koch addition Ordinance 2021-2 was on the agenda of the Petersburg Village Board meeting held July 6, 2021.
Chairman Corey Stokes invited those present to share input.
Village Clerk Sundae Provencher read the ordinance text for the first of three readings.
The board passed and adopted the amendment to Ordinance 2017-8 regarding the use of motor vehicles and bicycles on village streets adopting Ordinance 2021-14. Purpose was changing the language from vehicles to trucks regarding the length of time a truck may sit on a village street.
Utilities Superintendent Nick Prothman provided prices for construction of a 12 x 12 or 10 x 14 foot shed to house the generator at the waste water plant. This would include all materials with an approximate cost of $4,250.
Electrician Doug Wright was present to answer questions regarding power supply. He noted the generator works well and is a great unit.
Any board member could easily operate the system if Prothman is out of town.
The village presently uses a tractor to run the PTO system if power fails.
Chairman Stokes felt the village has the unit and they should use it.
The board voted to spend $4,250, including wiring, on the project.
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