Historic Albion tree splits, portion falls

Large cottonwood tree, south of Albion ThriftyWay, that split on July 20.
A historic Albion cottonwood tree, located north of Albion ThriftyWay, split and a portion fell to the ground on Tuesday, July 20.
A part of the tree’s north side fell toward the railroad tracks.
Loup Power District crews were on hand with bucket trucks to trim back the tree.
This tree is considered a Nebraska Heritage Tree by the Nebraska Forest Service.
Following is information about the tree that the Nebraska Forest Service has online: “Large trees are not unusual in Nebraska. In the case of cottonwoods—when left undisturbed—they flourish and quickly become the tallest landmark around. Albion’s cottonwood tree is a quintessential example! While its exact history isn’t known, it has thrived in a tucked away lot near local businesses and the Union Pacific railroad. Nominated by tree enthusiast Rori Erickson, it is an often referenced landmark within the community. The tree was nominated and recognized in June of 2019.”
Photo by Julia Nore