Petersburg Press

Fire department tests well in Raeville

On Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2021, the Petersburg Fire Department held a training session in Raeville at the site of the Fangman irrigation well located on the northeast edge of town. They tested the pressure of the deck gun using the well.
This well is the major water supply if a fire occurred in Raeville or the surrounding area.
The well is equipped with a fitting to connect to the fire truck. The hoses can be attached to extend to a water holding unit or trucks.
This water supply is crucial since there are no fire hydrants in Raeville.
The well motor is electric and if there was a fire and the well was shut down due to load controls, the well is equipped with a security band that firemen would cut allowing the well to pump at full capacity.
Chief Neal Baumgartner said the test went well with plenty of pressure and he did not forsee any problems with the water supply.