Boone County sisters find they have a half sister

Daughters of Herold and Maxine Zabka, all of whom live in Boone County, are (back, l.-r.) Kelly Bader 62, Lisa Kennedy 55, and Lori Zabka 56; and (front) Shari Buettner 61, Jana Molt 59, and Jill Imus 60.
Sometimes you can learn more with a DNA match than you ever thought possible.
That was the case for Lisa Kennedy of Cedar Rapids and her five sisters from Albion about 20 months ago.
Lisa received a gift of an Ancestry 23 & me membership for Christmas in 2019.
On Jan 26, 2020, she received her DNA-based test results about her relatives.
The results showed she had a half sister, and that was big news for the family.
Lisa then contacted her sisters — Kelly Bader, Shari Buettner, Jill Imus, Jana Molt and Lori Zabka, all of Albion, and told them the news.
The end result is that they will be together with their half sister, Lisa Olsen of Gleneden Beach, OR, for five days starting Thursday, Aug. 25.
See the complete story in the Aug. 25 Albion News/Boone County Tribune, print and e-editions.