Choat family continues 25-year softball tradition

A younger member of the Choat family hits a softball from the tee in Sunday’s game.
A 25-year softball tradition of Boone County’s Choat family continued last Sunday.
The family played its 25th annual softball game on Sept. 12, 2021 at the Albion Sports Complex.
This tradition was begun in 1996 when Tim and Kathy Choat organized the first event, with the notion that it would be fun for the different generations to play the game together. The first few games were played in St. Edward, but eventually the location was moved to Albion.
Some special rules have been developed for the annual match-up. Everyone who wants to play, gets to play, no matter the age or skill level (and usually a few who didn’t want to play get talked into it anyway). Team captains choose up new teams each year.
No one is left on the bench when their team is on defense, so there may be 15 or more players on the field at once. Some of the older participants seem to appreciate not having to cover too much of the field themselves.
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