Shooting range permit application withdrawn

Boone County Commissioners had scheduled a public hearing Monday on a conditional use permit application for a commercial shooting range southeast of Loretto, but the permit application was withdrawn before the hearing.
Jeff Jarecki, attorney for applicant Tyler Kunzman, said the application for public use of the shooting range was being withdrawn, but private use of the range can continue.
The T. K. Gun and Range facility is located on the north side of Highway 14 between 210th and 220th Streets, southeast of Loretto.
A public hearing on the application had been held by the Boone County Planning Commission on Aug. 23. Neighbors on the north side of the range had complained about bullets flying over the dam and into the property.
The Planning Commission had recommended approval of the application, but with a long list of conditions that included elevation of the shooting bench, advance notification of when the range would be used, a backstop above the 200-yard target area, maintenance of shooting records and several others.
Complete story in the Sept. 15 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune, and Petersburg Press.