Improving literacy is goal of Kid Scoop News

St. Michael’s third grade students with their copies of Kid Scoop News.
A new project aimed at improving literacy has been launched in the Boone County area by the Albion News/Boone County Tribune and Petersburg Press, along with the Nebraska Press Association.
They are partnering with Kid Scoop News (KSN) to help increase literacy rates in Nebraska and nurture the next generation of readers and news consumers through KSN. It is the first press association in the nation to partner with Kid Scoop.
“Community newspapers have always been Nebraskans’ most trusted source of local news. Nebraska Press Association is excited to partner with our members to continue that tradition of trust by bringing Kid Scoop News to the next generation of readers,” NPA Marketing Director Violet Spader said.
NPA’s member newspapers in Northeast and North Central Nebraska are providing elementary schools with Kid Scoop newspapers each month in their third through fifth grade classrooms at no cost to the schools.
The first editions of the school year were distributed last week to elementary classes at Boone Central, St. Michael’s School, Newman Grove Public School and St. Edward Public School.
KSN provides each child with a physical copy of a kid-friendly monthly newspaper. Each edition has themed pages and focuses on a variety of hobbies and subjects from gardening to civic responsibility.