Boone Beginnings started with discussion seven years ago

Finish work is now underway at the Boone Beginnings building. This is one of the interior accent points.
Seven years ago, a group of roughly 25 business leaders, organizations and community members gathered at the Kvam room of Boone County Health Center to talk about what Boone County needs to stay on the map. Little did those individuals know this would be the catalyst for change.
Like many other conversations before, topics such as housing and recreation were brought up. But the primary focus of the evening quickly turned to childcare. Business owners said a lack of childcare providers was making it harder to recruit employees to the area. Parents talked about the challenges of keeping a full-time job with small children at home. To recruit and retain families to Boone County, something needed to happen.
The Boone County Foundation Fund (BCFF) invited former teacher Lindsey Jarecki to lead the efforts. A childcare subcommittee comprised of local childcare providers, BCFF advisory committee members, and interested citizens was formed. The committee began by engaging all Boone County childcare providers to get their input on the challenges and needs for childcare in the area.
An initial step was to address school-age care needs by forming the Cardinal Kids Club after school program in 2017.
See complete story by Tina Stokes in the Oct. 6 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune.