Pheasants Forever hosts Mentor Hunt

Participants in last Saturday’s Youth Mentor Hunt.
On Saturday, Oct. 2, the Boone County Pheasants Forever Chapter held a successful annual Youth Mentor Hunt.
There were four lucky youth participants along with 21 adult volunteers who helped make this event a huge success.
After a breakfast, each youth was teamed with a mentor to work with one-on-one throughout the day’s activities. Mentors and volunteers taught gun safety, blue rock shooting, bird cleaning, and how to safely hunt as a group.
Highlight of the day was a live pheasant hunt on the property of Tom and RuthAnn Larson. The youth, guided by their mentors, experienced a realistic field hunting experience using bird dogs controlled by dog handlers. This year, each youth participant was not only able to take a shot but all participants harvested a rooster pheasant.