Boone Beginnings required planning, local support, fundraising

Construction of outdoor play areas in progress at Boone Beginnings.
When it came to planning and fundraising for the Boone Beginnings Early Childhood and Family Development Center (Boone Beginnings), Boone County was fortunate to have the right people serving in the right roles, according to Jay Wolf, one of the project committee members. At that time, the need for childcare had been identified, additional research was completed, and further discussion made it clear the right solution for the county was an early childhood development center.
$4.2 Million Capital Campaign
Once a solution was identified, the task of coordinating a $4.2 million capital campaign was born. Former teacher Lindsey Jarecki, who had led research efforts quickly shifted gears to help in the planning and execution of the project. Michelle Olson, executive director of the Boone County Economic Development Agency (BCDA) joined her, providing leadership in a variety of areas, including marketing and fundraising. They were supported by a diverse team of business leaders, childcare providers, educators and other interested citizens who all played a significant role in moving the project forward.
This would become a highly collaborative effort, extending far beyond the county through partnerships with other organizations and foundations.
Complete feature in the Oct. 13 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune, print and e-editions.