Boone Central Middle School students learn to ‘find a way’

Brad Hurtig
Boone Central Middle School held its annual school retreat focusing on communication and leadership skills Monday, Oct. 25, at the Boone County Fairgrounds.
The full day retreat included a wide variety of activities this year, including a Virtual Reality (VR) truck and many skill-building activities.
A hightlight of the day was a talk by motivational speaker Brad Hurtig. His message, “Find A Way,” is about overcoming life’s obstacles to success.
A native of Ohio, Brad overcame a major obstacle after his hands were crushed in a factory accident.He lost both hands. They were replaced with prosthetics.
Few people thought the three-sport all-state athlete would ever play sports again, but he found a way to carry on.
His primary message centers on an exchange between himself and his football coach. Brad would often rely on others to pick up a water bottle when he was thirsty. At the end of practice one day, Brad asked his coach for a drink.
Instead of picking up the bottle, his coach said something that would ultimately change Brad’s life. He said: “If you’re thirsty enough, you’ll find a way.”
That day Brad successfully got a drink and that challenge became the catalyst in learning what it takes to overcome.
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