Commissioners boost elected officials’ salaries for 2023-26 term

On Monday, Boone County Commissioners followed minimum salary recommendations from the Nebraska Association of County Officials (NACO) in setting salaries for Boone County’s elected county officials for the 2023 through 2026 term.
The new salaries represent a substantial pay increase for most elective offices over the coming four-year term.
County officials present said they appreciate the salary increases, but also want to see employee pay increases.
The resolution adopted Monday sets annual salaries for the County Assessor, Clerk, Treasurer and Attorney at $63,000 for 2023, increasing to $66,000 in 2024, $69,000 in 2025, and $72,000 in 2026.
The County Sheriff’s salary is set at $78,750 for 2023, and increases to $82,500 for 2024, $86,250 for 2025, and $90,000 for 2026.
County Commissioner annual salaries are set at $26,400 in 2023, and remain the same throughout the four-year term. County Surveyor’s salary also remains the same at $10,000 per year through the four-year term.
Complete story in the Nov. 10 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune, print and e-editions.