BCHC outpatient addition nearing final stages

While a specific move-in date has not yet been set, finish work is well underway at the new Boone County Health Center outpatient clinic addition.
The original project time line called for completion by late December 2021, but the overall completion and move-in dates have not yet been set due to a variety of factors, according to Tanya Sharp, president and CEO of the health center.
“There are a lot of moving parts,” she said. “We are working with the State Fire Marshal’s office and Nebraska DHHS, and the contractor has more work to complete.”
Finish work is being completed both inside and outside the new building at this point. A “First Look” date will be announced in the future.
As with many current projects, the slow arrival of building materials and equipment have had an impact on the BCHC project schedule. Plastics and disposables have been especially hard to get.
None of the new building space can be occupied until the entire project is approved by the state.
“We plan to work with all departments and come up with a plan to move in together,” said Mrs. Sharp. “We will evaluate this closely as progress continues. At this point we plan to move in all together as we have one central registration area.”
After the departments move into the new addition, renovation is planned within the existing health center space.
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