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Petersburg Village Board to move ahead with water tower work

Petersburg Village Board members are planning to move ahead with recommended repairs on the village water tower, according to Corey Stokes, village board chairman.
All board members have received the recent report from Maguire Iron Inc. and will be discussing this report during their regular meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 4.
The tower was inspected in mid-December by Jake Dugger of Maguire Iron, Inc. of Sioux City, IA.
His letter to the village board was published on page two of last week’s Petersburg Press.
Dugger stated he did not see any “direct evidence” of contamination of the water tower.
However, he did see some issues that could be a source of the problem with the Campylobacter bacteria.
“I believe the gaps in the sidewall to roof connection are large enough openings where a bird could fit through,” he stated. “Also the lapped and riveted roof seams are starting to separate a bit where rainwater might be able to rinse in contaminates from the roof.”
The gaps in the roof-to-sidewall connection were in the original water tower design to enable the tower to vent, stated Dugger. All cone roof towers were designed and built this way. He said some openings are larger than others and some begin to separate further over time.
“Your tower, I believe, has separated more over time,” stated Dugger.
He recommended that the roof-to-sidewall connection be seal welded around the tank and all lapped roof seams to prevent any possible further contamination. The sealing of roof seams would be with a sika flex caulking and would need to be replaced around every five years.
He said the village could consider replacing the roof completely, which is a more permanent fix but would be much more expensive.
After conferring with all village board members, Chairman Stokes made the following statement: “Petersburg will authorize Maguire Iron to seal weld the roof to the sidewall and seal all lapped roof seams. This work will be done as soon as a crew can be assembled, and depending on the weather.”
Photo courtesy of Mary Thieman