Candidate list grows with recent filings

With the incumbent filing deadline passing on Feb. 15, Boone County’s list of election candidates grew this week.
There were no new filings for county offices, but there were several for cities, villages and schools.
Here is the list of filings by 4:30 p.m. on Feb. 15:
• County Commissioner, District 1 — Kim M. Schilousky, new filer
• County Commissioner, District 3 — Larry Temme, inclumbent
• County Assessor — Barb Hansen, incumbent
• County Attorney — John V. Morgan, inclumbent
• County Clerk — Sarah Robinson, incumbent
• County Sheriff — Denny Johnson, incumbent
• County Surveyor — no filings
• County Treasurer — Laurie Krohn
• Boone Central School Board — Timothy Stopak, Kathleen Rolf and Karrie Fogleman, all incumbents
• Riverside School Board, Ward 1 — Kallen Ryan, incumbent
• Riverside School Board, Ward 2 — Christopher D. Slevin, incumbent
• St. Edward School Board — Vanessa Cumming, Sherri Cruise and Bill Benson, incumbents; and Lindsey Christman, new filer.
• Albion Mayor — Ashley L. Babl, new filer, and Jim Jarecki, incumbent
• Albion City Council — Jason Tisthammer and Jon Porter, incumbents
• Albion Airport Authority — Bob Sandman and Tony Levander, incumbents
• St. Edward Mayor — Brian M. Shanle, new filer; Dean K. Hamling, incumbent; Michael Sorensen, new filer
• St. Edward City Council — Melissa McIntosh, incumbent
• Cedar Rapids Village Board — Brady R. Yosten, new filer
• Petersburg Village Board — no filings
• Primrose Village Board — Victoria Dobson and Bob Thompson, incumbents.