Mock vehicle accident to be staged May 4 near school

A mock car accident will be staged near Boone Central Public Schools on Wednesday, May 4, at 1:30 p.m.
Purpose of this event is to raise awareness of students about the dangers of reckless and risky driving, and for training of emergency personnel.
The school will be working together with Albion Fire & Rescue, local law enforcement officers, Apollo MedFlight, Boone County Health Center, Levander Funeral Home and other local officials to conduct the scenario.
Student volunteers will assist in mimicking a real-life, high-intensity car accident involving an intoxicated driver. The students’ injuries will range from non-life threatening to critical/death.
To initiate this scenario, several city streets will be closed to traffic and parking on May 4.
No parking will be allowed on the boulevard (Columbia Street) east of the school entrance all day on May 4.
Multiple road barriers will be placed on Fourth and Fifth Streets during the afternoon to keep the area clear of traffic and allow for response to the scene.