Many on hand for board session on climate, culture

On Thursday evening, April 28, Boone Central School Board members and administrators held a two-hour discussion on school climate and culture in a workshop setting.
Some 60 school patrons and staff members were present for the session.
Marcia Herring, director of board leadership with the Nebraska Association of School Boards, was present to guide the discussion.
Goals, said Herring, are to determine “where we have been, where are we now, and where we are going” in terms of climate. She noted that patrons had expressed a primary concern about the number of teachers and staff leaving the district.
Herring added that many Nebraska school districts are concerned about the loss of staff right now. Some of these changes have been accentuated by the COVID pandemic and changes in business climates across the state, she said.
Mrs. Herring also touched on the topics of school improvement and the effectiveness of evaluations.
She then asked each board member how long they have been on the board and some of the issues and highlights of their service.
Complete story in the May 4 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune, and Petersburg Press.