Benefit fund growing for Claire Bennett

Matball game featuring Boone Central faculty and administrators last Thursday.
With rainy weather outdoors last Thursday afternoon, the Boone Central “matball” game (photo at right) featuring teams of Boone Central faculty and administrators was moved to the Niewohner Arena on the fairgrounds.
The fundraiser for nine-year-old Claire Bennett and her family was very successful. A total of $3,986 was raised at the matball game. Many Boone Central students and parents joined in the fun.
The GoFundMe page for the Bennett family has increased by more than $5,000, from $25,236 at the beginning of May to a new total of $29,305 as of May 17.
The Albion business community has raised $6,500 toward its goal of $10,000, and these funds will be given to TeamJack Foundation on Claire’s behalf for pediatric brain cancer research and awareness.
Applied Connective Technologies is matching all donations to the Bennett family’s GoFundMe page, up to $5,000, by the end of May.
Claire is a third grader at Boone Central Elementary who has been battling a brain tumor for the past five years.