Hosfords stepping down as Arts Council directors

Paul and Lori Hosford
Albion Area Arts Council (AAAC) has brought the arts to the community of Albion for decades now, introducing people to new experiences and entertainment. This success in exposing the community to the arts is accredited to Paul and Lori Hosford, who have been managing the organization for the past 17 years.
The Hosfords began taking over AAAC on May 1st, 2005. But, the organization was not nearly as successful as it is today. In fact, the Hosfords recall their early days of management as challenging and a learning curve in their career.
The previous director, Michelle Hupp, handed over the position to the Hosfords the day before she had a child, which inhibited her in teaching them of what exactly the position entailed. In addition to that challenge, Nebraska Theater Caravan, which had previously provided three plays to the community in the fall, went bankrupt.
So, beginning as the new directors for the Albion Area Arts Council, the Hosfords had to develop a vision for what the organization should look like in the coming seasons.
Complete feature by Julia Nore in the June 8 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune, print and e-editions.