Healthy Back Chiropractic marks 10 years

Dr. Amy Flanagan, right, with staff members Blake Trombley and Michelle Devine.
Dr. Amy Flanagan, owner and chiropractor at “The Healthy Back”, celebrated the 10-year anniversary of her business opening in April 2022.
Amy and her husband Seth Flanagan currently reside in Albion, with their three children: Nora, Jack and Liza. She said she enjoys raising her children while having family close by. Parents of both Amy and Seth live in town. 
Amy was born and raised in Albion, living on a farm with her big family. The youngest of six, Flanagan took delight in her childhood experiences, small town roots and living out in the country. Flanagan enjoyed being involved in lots of activities while still being in a more secluded area and had many close friends. She graduated from Albion High School in 2000 and began her education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, eventually earning her chiropractic degree from Logan University in Missouri.
The business has now expanded with a second chiropractor, Dr. Tori Land, and an additional clinic in Fullerton.
Complete story in the June 15 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune, print and e-editions.