Commissioners hear debate on drainage along new pavement

Drainage at the intersection of 260th Street and Fairgrounds Road was a topic for Boone County Commissioners Monday.
Storm water drainage along newly paved roads was debated at the Boone County Commissioners meeting Monday, July 18.
Tom and Jenice Stevenson contended the drainage and road elevation were changed at the intersection of 260th Street and Fairgrounds Road. Their home is located on the northwest corner of that intersection.
Tom Stevenson said the ditch was changed on the opposite side of the road and about 80 percent of the ditch was taken out. He said the water has come over the road four times since the paving was finished.
Jenice said the water currently can’t drain to the north and pools on their property. Also, the culvert under 260th Street is “three-quarters full of mud.” Commissioner Larry Temme said the culvert will be cleaned, but that condition could occur again until ditches are seeded and grass begins holding the soil.
Brian McDonald, project manager with JEO Consulting Engineers, said while the street level may have changed slightly, nothing was changed on drainage by this project, which meets the three to five-year flood standard.
Discussion eventually turned to a possible culvert extension along the east side of the Stevenson residence.
Complete story in the July 20 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune and Petersburg Press, print and e-editions.