Olsens at home in Boone County after connecting with family here

Zeke and Lisa Olsen
Two years ago, the daughters of Herold and Maxine Zabka shockingly encountered news that would change their lives forever: they have another sister.
Lisa Olsen of Gleneden Beach, Oregon happened to be their blood relative, sharing the same father as all the sisters. This discovery came to be genetically proven through DNA testing done through a company called 23andMe. It was through that test that the Zabka sisters were able to contact their long lost family member.
During the pandemic, the sisters kept in contact and made plans to unite one day when the virus calmed down and places began to open again. 
And that day came last August, when Lisa O. arrived in the small community of Boone County to meet her half sisters and other family members in person.
The relationship between Lisa O and her six half-sisters has grown, and last April she and her husband, Zeke, moved to Albion.
Complete story by Julia Nore in the July 27 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune, print and e-editions.