Nebraska Hall of Fame nominee has connection to Albion

Garden designed by Ernst Herminghaus and built in 1933-34 in Albion.

A prominent Nebraska landscape architect, who has a connection to Albion, is one of the nominees for induction into the Nebraska Hall of Fame in 2024.
Nebraska Hall of Fame Commission members are currently holding hearings for eight individuals who were nominated for possible selection as the next Nebraska Hall of Fame inductee.
These persons were chosen to be considered because of their talent and the devoted nature of their service in honoring, or representing Nebraska in their own unique fashion.

Ernst Herminghaus

The nominee with a connection to Albion is Ernst Herminghaus, a landscape architect best known for his designs of the Nebraska Capitol’s interior gardens and Pioneer Park in Lincoln. One of his residential gardens is connected to Albion in the specific backyard of a yellow house on Seventh Street.
His work here was commissioned in 1933 and 1934, by Blanche Peters. She hired Herminghaus to design her garden in an English style, which she fell in love with after visiting England for a time. The garden was popular attraction for Albion area residents at the time.
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