Local program explores history through fashion

FASHION PRESENTER Sue McClain showed a wide variety of period fashions dating back to 1870.
Saturday was an active day at the Boone County Historical Society Museum, with a program illustrating the past 100 years of fashion followed by an English tea party.
Sue McClain, a presenter with Humanities Nebraska, provided the history of women’s fashions from 1870 to 1970. She recapped the women’s clothing worn during different historical events.
Women’s lifestyles changed significantly through the century beginning with the 1870s, and their fashions did, too.
A special tea party followed the fashion program at 3:30 p.m., and 40 women stayed to attend this event hosted by the museum.
Pat Boilesen shared her table settings along with her research on the etiquette expected at tea parties. Karen Benes supplied the additional luncheon sets to complete the set up.
For the occasion, Chris Grundmayer made fancy small sandwiches and the museum provided cake, both of which would have been fashionable items to serve at traditional English teas.
Complete story in the Aug. 10 Albion News & Boone Co. Tribune, print and e-editions.
Ladies enjoy the tea following Saturday’s fashion program.