Drought is serious again

With little to no rain across Central and Northeast Nebraska during the past week, drought conditions went from bad to even worse.
All of Boone and surrounding counties are now in severe to extreme drought.
The impact is obvious as most dryland crops and pastures have turned brown.
East Central Nebraska has been running a moisture deficit through most of the growing season. There was some recovery in late April and early May, and again in July when Boone County received over four inches of rainfall.
Since then, conditions have been extremely dry, with less than a half inch of rainfall during August.
A band of extreme drought (red color) has now enveloped most of Nance County and a portion of Howard County to the southwest, based on the latest U.S. Drought Monitor map issued August 30.
Extreme drought has also enveloped northern Antelope County, southern and eastern Holt, northeast Madison, and the eastern edge of Platte County.