Commissioners address ‘road watering’ issues

Center pivots watering county roads in violation of state law was a discussion topic for the Boone County Commissioners at their regular meeting Monday, Sept. 12.
Ross Davidson of St. Edward told the board that the watering of roads is a recurring problem along 320th Avenue south of St. Edward. He said he has talked with commissioners previously on this topic, but the watering of roads is continuing. He said it creates unsafe conditions, and he wants it stopped.
Another issue he addressed was failure of some property owners to mow their road ditches as required by state law.
Davidson said he has contacted the Sheriff’s office three times in the past eight days on the watering of roads, but had not received a response. In one location, a pickup and horse trailer jack-knifed and ran off the road due to muddy conditions and had to be pulled out.
Deputy Haden Niewohner said Sheriff’s office personnel go to the location of these calls as soon as they can to investigate but do not always respond to the caller.
Dan Stankoski, county highway superintendent, said county crews have had to repair and re-gravel the road section Davidson referred to three times this season.
Complete story in the Sept. 14 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune, and Petersburg Press, print and e-editions.