Epperly is a leader in two key beef organizations

Joe Epperly
Joe Epperly of Albion holds leadership positions in two key cattle organizations along with his post as seedstock manager at Wagonhammer Cattle Co. in Albion.
Epperly is vice president of the Nebraska Angus Association and will be helping with that association’s annual tour of Northeast Nebraska Angus operations later this month. He has been on the association’s board of directors since 2019 and will become president in December of 2022.
Joe also serves on the board of the Beef Improvement Federation (BIF), an international organization formed in 1968 as a means to standardize programs and methodologies, and to create greater awareness, acceptance and usage of performance concepts in beef production. He was elected vice president of BIF in June of 2021 and advanced to become president of the federation in June 2022 at the symposium in Las Cruces, NM.
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