Newman Grove

NG city budget includes potential grants

Inclusion of potential grants for the 2022-23 budget cycle is the primary reason for a 60 percent in crease in the City of Newman Grove operating budget this year.
The council adopted the 2022-23 budget ordinance by title only for the coming year during its Sept. 8 regular meeting.
The city’s operating budget for 2022-23 is proposed at $3,066,355, which would be an increase of $1,155,404 or 60.46 percent from last year’s operating budget of $1,910,951.
A large part of this increase is due to planned and potential grants coming for the coming fiscal year. The city is budgeting for $500,000 in American Recovery Program Act (ARPA) funds, as well as a possible $250,000 matching grant for the proposed walking trail through the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Recreational Trails program.
The property tax request for 2022-23 is proposed at $142,203. This would be an increase of $3,088 or just 2.2 percent from last year’s tax request of $139,115.
Complete story in the Sept. 14 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune, print and e-editions.