Commissioners get recommendation to vacate portion of 320th Avenue

Boone County Commissioners accepted a recommendation Wednesday, Oct. 26, to vacate a one-quarter mile section of 320th Avenue, south of St. Edward.
This section of road, crossing Bogus Creek, has been the subject of some controversy and a recent legal dispute. The county added a large culvert in addition to two existing culverts, and made other improvements to settle the lawsuit.
In his report to the board, Dan Stankoski, county highway superintendent, cited a list of several reasons for vacating the road, including:
• The road is utilized by local traffic for farm and property access;
• The road has no outlet and leads to a dead end;
• A portion of the road has already been closed;
• Closure would not cause any property to be landlocked.
• The county has a legal agreement to close the road.
Stankoski also cited notes that utility lines are buried in the road right-of-way.
If the roadway is vacated, ownership of all right of way would revert to the land owners on each side of the road, so each landowner would receive 33 feet of the 66-foot right of way.
Public Hearing to Vacate Road
A public hearing on the possible vacation of this roadway was set by resolution for Monday, Nov. 28, at 10 a.m.