Pair here to fix hail damage, but also watching Ukraine war

Vitalii, l., and Paul, r., citizens of Romania and Ukraine, respectively, have been doing paintless dent repair on vehicles in Albion since June of this year.

Two auto body technicians from Eastern Europe have been in Albion since June repairing damage from the June hail storms in the Boone County area.
At the same time, they are closely tracking developments in the Ukrainian war.
One technician, Pavlo (Paul) is a citizen of the Ukraine who has lived in the United States since 2016. He grew up in the city of Dnipro and came to the U.S. at age 19 on a tourist visa after his third year of university studies. He liked the U.S. and decided to get specialized training and extend his stay with a work visa. However, he still checks daily on his family members back in the Ukraine.
His friend and coworker, Vitalii Manaliu, was born in Moldova and is now a citizen of Romania. He had a soccer career in Romania before moving to the U.S. to work about four years ago.
Both men are paintless dent repair (PDF) technicians working for a national company, Dent Master – Paul for about six years and Vitalii for two years. They are subcontractors for hail repair at B & G Body Shop in Albion.
Complete story in the Nov. 16 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune, print and e-editions.