Property owners oppose vacating county road

Property owners in the Bogus Creek area south of St. Edward asked Boone County Commissioners on Monday not to vacate a portion of 320th Avenue.
They appeared for a public hearing on the road vacation after commissioners received a recommendation to vacate the quarter mile road section from Dan Stankoski, highway superintendent.
Stankoski noted the road leads to a dead end, is used primarily for property access, and vacation would not cause any property to be landlocked.
If vacated, ownership of the road right of way would revert to the property owners on each side.
Stating their case for leaving the road open were property owners on each side of the road, Lynn Kaufmann on one side and Francis and Virginia Whidden on the other.
They said the removal of a bridge more than 20 years ago and replacement with culverts has created many problems for them.
Complete story in the November 30 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune and Petersburg Press, print and e-editions.