Tractor-trailer rigs collide north of Petersburg on icy night

Northbound tractor-trailer rig was jack-knifed in the ditch after the accident.

Two semi tractor-trailer rigs collided during the storm Monday evening, Jan. 2, on Highway 14 about two miles north of Petersburg.
Petersburg Fire Department was called to the scene at 5:30 p.m., according to Fire Chief Neil Baumgartner. A northbound refer truck had collided with a southbound loaded cattle truck. The northbound truck jack-knifed and went into the ditch.
The department notified Ted Bode, who pulled the northbound truck back onto the road. Schumacher Brothers also assisted by bringing a tractor to the scene.
Petersburg Rescue evaluated both drivers, with no injuries reported. The driver of the northbound truck was sent into Elgin to wait out the storm. The cattle truck was leaking oil and water, and it was towed to the Albion Livestock Sales parking lot.
Firemen provided traffic control until law enforcement units arrived.
Extremely icy conditions contributed to the accident.
Boone County Sheriff’s Department will provide details when the report is completed
Petersburg Fire Department returned to the station at about 6:30 p.m.