St. Edward

‘Beaver Olympics’ set in St. Edward

A fun event for adults, the Beaver Olympics, will be held at the St. Edward Community Center this Saturday night, Feb. 25.
Sponsored by the St. Edward Community Club, this event will include a series of games: cornhole – giant jenga; free throws – brain teasers; putt-putt – pictionary, and Beaver Balls, which is ladder balls or horse balls.
Teams of four will compete, and each team is encouraged to take part in all events. Each game will have guidelines and a time limit, with a score up to 100.
Only the team’s top four scores will be used in determining their final score. The teams have the opportunity to select their best scores, and they can skip a game they don’t want to take part in.
There is an entry fee for each team, and cash prizes will be awarded.
All rules and guidelines will be available at registration. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m., and games begin at 7:30. Prizes will be awarded at 9:30.