New BCDA program to focus on communication skills

Boone County Development Agency (BCDA) is expanding its Emerging Leaders program for 2023 to allow more local leaders, and aspiring leaders, to grow their communication skills.
The four-part workshop series will cover a wealth of topics around the theme of: Communicating With Impact.
Similar to the Emerging Leaders Academy, the program will be led by Molly Brummond, assistant dean of student development at the University of Nebraska College of Law. Unlike the Emerging Leaders Academy, the 2023 program is free and open to anyone interested in improving their communication skills.
While participants are encouraged to attend all four sessions, it is not mandatory.
The 2023 BCDA Emerging Leaders workshop series addresses the reality that every day, we are asked to do more with less. Teams of all shapes and sizes are expected to work effectively and efficiently together to achieve an organization’s mission and vision. Those who are successful in this endeavor undoubtedly can effectively communicate.
During each workshop, participants will learn and put into practice a variety of tools to help them feel more confident communicating within team settings.
First session will be March 30, 2023.