Newman Grove

Newman Grove Council adopts annexation, improvement district ordinances

At its meeting last Thursday, March 9, the Newman Grove City Council approved final adoption of ordinances to annex property for a new housing addition and provide infrastructure to the property.
The council also approved an ordinance to authorize short term financing from Citizens State Bank of Newman Grove for infrastructure development of the Fowlkes Second Addition at the south edge of town.
The plan is to convert to long term bonds once approximately 80 percent of the water, sewer and streets development is completed. Rules were suspended to allow final adoption of Ordinance 558 to provide for the short term financing.
Ordinance 557 was adopted on final reading. This is the annexation ordinance, allowing extension of the city’s corporate limits and annexation of the Fowlkes Second Addition.
Ordinance 559, the ordinance creating a water and sewer extension district for improvements to the Fowlkes Second Addition, was adopted on all three readings.
Ordinance 560, the ordinance creating a street improvement district and improvements to the Fowlkes Second Addition, was also adopted on all three readings.