Jarecki’s prepare greenhouse for 20th season

COVER PREPARATIONS — Long sheet of folded plastic laid out along the edge of the Jarecki greenhouse, ready to be pulled over the ribbing.

Spring planting is already underway in the Boone County area.
That includes not only farm crops but also gardens and lawns.
At A & J Jarecki Lawncare and Greenhouse in Albion, Jim and Ann Jarecki are preparing for their 20th season of supplying flowers and plants to area residents.
One big project was completed on Monday, April 17, when the new plastic cover was installed on the 30 x 150-foot main greenhouse.
The greenhouse has been in place since April of 2003, at the business located just west of Albion at Highway 91 and Fairgrounds Road.
This year, the greenhouse cover needed replacement due mainly to damage from the hail storm last June, which had punctured holes in both layers of the plastic cover.
Family members and friends, totaling about nine people, gathered Monday to attach the new plastic.
By Saturday, a truck had arrived with a full load of greenhouse plants for the upcoming season.
Complete story in the April 26 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune, print and e-editions.

Brant Peters, l., and Mike Webster begin the process of fastening the plastic cover on the east end of the greenhouse.