County real estate values headed up again by nearly 5%

Boone County’s preliminary real estate values for 2023 show an increase of nearly 4.92 percent. This would be the second consecutive year of overall increase.
Most of the increase will be reflected in higher residential and commercial property values in cities and towns.
The county’s overall real estate valuation for 2023 is $2,334,194,279, which would be an increase of $114,832,999 or 4.919 percent from last year’s real estate total of $2,219,361,280.
Preliminary ag land valuation total for 2023 is $1,700,978,600, an increase of $17,483,085 or 1.027 percent from last year’s total of $1,683,495,515.
Most cities and villages will have double digit increases in valuation this year.