Petersburg Press

Sunday liquor sales ordinance to be amended

Ordinance 2018-2, which deals with bar service on Sundays, was brought up at the Petersburg Village Board meeting on Aug. 1. Both 386 Tap and the American Legion Post 334 have Class C liquor licenses, but presently only the Legion is permitted by ordinance to sell hard liquor on Sunday.
Legion Post 334 treasurer Clyde Stuhr stated, β€œThe ordinance may have been put in place because at one time the Legion was a nonprofit, and they were permitted to be open only a stated number of days a year with a different class license.”
β€œThe Legion Post 334 itself is, however, a nonprofit. The change may have come when the wind tower people came into town and the Legion bar obtained a Class C license. It would allow them to be open different hours, changing them into a for profit bar.”
After a lengthy discussion, the village board decided to voted to amend their existing ordinance.
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