Albion city to reduce property tax request

Albion City Administrator Andy Devine was severely ill and unable to attend the county’s joint public hearing last Tuesday night, Sept. 19, to explain the city’s projected property tax increase of 7.72 percent.
The city’s information required for the hearing was provided in writing, but since the city did not actively participate in the hearing, Devine and City Attorney Darren Wright have concluded that the City cannot legally make a property tax request above the 2.06 percent allowable growth threshold of $615,971.53.
The city will not be able to request the previously budgeted amount of $650,135.99 in property taxes (7.72 percent above last year), and must reduce the request by $34,164.46 to reach the allowable total.
Complete story in the Sept. 27 Albion News/Boone Co. Tribune, print and e-editions.